Information on where we are

Pick up is at 36 Park Rd, Milton 4064



$ 50.00  is our hire cost: Certificate, Diploma, Assoc Degree, Bachelor, Masters, Juris Doctor and Professional Doctorate regalia

$ 70.00 dollars for Phd 

$ 65.00 Grad Cert, Grad Dip, Grad Assoc Degree

Hire either on the day of your ceremony and return by close of business the next day or

Hire the day before your ceremony and return by close of business ceremony day

(hiring for two hours after your ceremony is just not enough time to have that celebration with people you care about)

Or you can pay extra at pick up, only 15.00 and keep the set!!! (for Bachelors and Masters only)

All funds provide Post-graduate Fellowships for women!!!!

(see )


When Ordering

How do I determine my correct gown size?

Select the height measurement closest to your own from the drop down menu corresponding with the gown you have ordered.  Each height (head to toe measurement) has a gown size to match.

How do I measure my head?

Head measurements are best taken with a tape measure.  Wrap the tape (if you do not have a tape measure, you can print the pdf and make a paper measure by following the instructions) around your head approximately two centimetres above the eyebrows to determine your head circumference.  Alternatively use an average size of 56 or 58 cms to book and we will make sure you have the correct fitting on Graduation day.


Please follow the instructions for your head measurement (open in Adobe reader first before printing)


  What colour regalia do I wear?

The following are the colours of regalia used at The University of Queensland:

Certificate - Stole White

Diploma and Associate Diploma - Stole Blue

Associate Degree (Undergrad) - Stole Saffron

All Bachelor Degrees - Hood part lined Pearl White

Associate Degree (Grad) - Hood part lined Pearl White - Stole Silver

Graduate Certificate - Hood part lined Pearl White - Stole Ruby

Graduate Diploma - Hood part lined Pearl White - Stole Gold

All Masters Degrees - Hood fully lined Empire Blue

All Professional Doctorates - Hood fully lined Ruby

All PhDs - Hood fully lined Cardinal Red

All Higher Doctorates - Red Cloth fully lined with Gold

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